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Ep. 590: Another Big Buck Tagged on a Small Property!

Living and hunting on 9 acres in Kansas has provided great hunting opportunities for Jeff Therrell. Watch to see Jeff's tactics that have brought him repeated successes on this relatively small property! It's a great example of how we can all enjoy hunting anywhere!

Ep. 498: Downwind Hunting Strategies | Protecting Food Plots

Bedding areas, funnels, travel corridors and food plots come together for a hunting hot spot! See how you can apply this strategy to fill your buck tag this fall! Then check out a new project in northern Missouri to improve traditional ag ground by converting the farming practices to the Buffalo System!

Ep. 471: Tagging Deer | Post Rut Strategies and Lessons from the Hunt

Tyler has a great encounter with a LOT of inches of antler during rifle season. Watch this very exciting hunt and the lessons learned. Grant explains a hunting strategy that can yield interesting results! Plus, see the details on a late season hunting tip for targeting deer seeking energy rich food sources!

Ep. 454: Deer Hunting Strategies | Scouting Velvet Bucks | Treestands

Deer season is just around the corner so we're scouting velvet bucks in the food plots! The anticipation is starting to build! Plus: preparing and maintaining the Summit treestands for new hunting strategies, an update of summer food plots, summer water resources, and best of all...a mature old buck is back on the trail cameras - Highriser!

Ep. 340: Late Season Bow Hunting Food Plot Set Up

Planting food plots for a great spot for late season bow hunting action. Learn how you can protect your property and the investment of food plots by planting with the "messy" technique. Stay tuned to see how a hot zone electric fence can be strategically used for a bow hunting hot spot in a field that previously was strictly used for rifle hunting.

Ep. 290: Hunting Hot Spots And Early Velvet Antlers

Making a big buck hunting hot spot for the late season by moving a Hot Zone electric fence. Plus, see the beautiful results from prescribed fire on the native forage and flowers. Stay tuned for the amazing velvet antlers and an awesome shot on a pesky groundhog!

Ep. 267: Deer Hunting Strategies: Late Season Scrapes

Late season scrapes can be great places to deer hunt! A Reconyx Ultrafire trail camera reveals the real behavior of deer at a scrape. Watch this video as Dr. Woods explains this scrape activity by whitetail deer and how scrapes can be used to improve your hunting opportunities.

Ep. 263: That's A Big Buck Boys!

Opening day of gun season and Seth Harker puts another big buck down! He's hunting a 160 acre property in an area that get's a lot of hunting pressure!