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Ep. 660: Buck Tagged! The Power of a Small Hidey Hole Plot

It can be difficult to pattern deer in large blocks of hardwoods especially when there are acorns present. A small, quality hidey hole food plot can be an incredible tool to get deer within range! See Bradley's very effective strategy hunting a hidey hole food plot in the middle of a large block of timber.

Ep. 658: The Strategy - Hidey Hole Food Plots, Part 1,

Small hidey hole food plots can be great for getting deer within range and punching tags! In this video, see how we manage and hunt hidey hole food plots this time of the year. The strategies shown here set the stage for a successful hunt that we'll share during the next episode!

Ep. 654: Doe Harvest: What's Your Excuse?

Doe harvest has dropped off significantly over much of the whitetails range. See how this has impacted herd and habitat quality and the reasons why hunters should seek to harvest does.

Ep. 650: Find Acorns, Find Deer!

No matter where you chase whitetails it's time to be doing some serious scouting! Grant shares ideas on scouting food sources along with the strategies for hunting in ag land, timber country, food plots, or hang and hunts.

Ep. 646: Food Plot Seminar: How to Have Better Food Plots and Less Work

This food plot webinar was recorded live. Grant explains the many benefits of using The Release Process (TM) to create better food plots with less work! In this video: original pre-settlement soils, no-till, cover crops versus traditional plowing with fertilizers and herbicides, tons of details and step by step guides are provided.

Ep. 645: Attract Deer: An Easy, Low Maintenance, Small Food Plot

This small food plot was planted and managed with hand tools, no heavy equipment needed! Deer will be hammering it in the early season! See how to create a hidey-hole food plot that will be both a fantastic hunting spot and an easy jump start to the fall crop.

Ep. 644: Results In Sandy Soil: One Year Later

See a success story that shows how The Release Process (TM) can be used anywhere to improve soil health. The property owner was a skeptic but not anymore. This East Texas property has NEVER had such productive food plots! In addition, Grant shares the next steps in The Release Process (TM) - what needs to be done to plant your fall food plots for some great forage to hunt over this fall.

Ep. 641: Great Hunting Coming Soon To This 40 Acres

Well managed native vegetation and food plots can improve any hunting location! See the plans for this 40 acres that will use both these resources to improve the deer hunting and habitat. In this video: turning unmanaged fescue pastures into food plots; prescribed fire; creating cover and bedding; timber stand improvement (TSI); hunting strategies; blind locations; creating bottlenecks; patterning deer, and much more!

Ep. 636: Cool Food Plots In Summer Heat

See how we get our food plots to stay "cool" even on hot summer days! Years ago this food plot had very poor soil. Now we have a high quality food plot that is a great hunting location that feeds deer throughout the summer, preserves soil moisture, suppresses weeds without herbicide, builds more soil - all while reducing the cost.

Ep. 628: It's Time to Plant! Food Plot Tips, Part 1

In this first of a series of videos on how to plant food plots, Grant explains the principles of The Release Process (TM). He shows how planting food plots using these techniques makes very productive food plots and great soils: get maximum tons of food per acre!

Ep. 620: Food Plots That Feed Deer AND the Soil

It will soon be time to plant spring food plots! In this video: when to plant for the best food plots success, food plot seed mixes that feed the deer and the soil, how to get deer to express their full genetic potential, how to monitor soil temperature, and more!

Ep. 614: Timber and Habitat Plans for 2 Properties: One Hardwoods, One Pines

Properties that are timbered can be managed for both timber value and wildlife! First, a plan for improving the hunting and habitat on 90 acres filled with hardwoods. The second plan is for a property that has mature pines of about 35 years old. Topics covered: hack and squirt, double girdling, controlling invasive like sweet gum and trifoliate orange, food plot locations, browse monitoring, thinning pines, and more!

Ep. 609: How to Snow Seed Clover

Tips for broadcasting annual clovers after a late winter snow! Planting blends like Early Start Release now can provide great turkey hunting locations and quality forage for critters during spring green-up!

Ep. 605: Habitat Improvement Plan: Pines with Hardwoods On 100 Acres in Georgia

Grant recently helped John by designing a habitat and hunting plan for his 100 acres in Georgia. This property was planted in pines within the last few years and has hardwood runners. Watch to see the plan created with long term hunting and habitat improvements to help them see and tag many critters and enjoy lots of fresh venison!

Ep. 603: Bigger Antlers and Healthier Fawns: Winter Food Plot Check List

In most areas, native vegetation probably isn't providing enough forage to carry the deer herd over the winter. This is why a well designed food plot program can be an important tool for hunting and improved deer herd quality. Late winter and late summer are critical times for whitetails. Watch this video to see tips on how to monitor your available forage and plan for a better food plot program this year.

Ep. 601: Do you need to harvest more does? Scout now to Decide!

A primary key to managing deer herds and habitat is balancing the amount of deer with the habitat's potential to make quality forage. Being a good deer manager means paying attention to your habitat year round. Watch this video to see the clues to whether you should plan on harvesting more does next deer season!

Ep. 600: Creating ENDLESS Hunting Opportunities on an 80 Acre Property

Grant advises a deer hunter on how to improve his 80 acre property to attract and hold more deer! See the recommendations that Grant makes for timber stand improvement (TSI), removing honey locust trees, expanding and improving his food plot program, and creating food/cover patterns with lots of edge for almost endless hunting opportunities on his land.

Ep. 598: 120 Acre Cattle Farm: Better Whitetail Hunting and Habitat

See the plan for a 120 acre property that was previously used as a cattle farm: mixed pastures and woodlots. Grant advises the next steps for better hunting on this farm: creating travel corridors, bottlenecks, bedding areas, sanctuaries, property screens, food plots, establishing native grasses, prescribed fire and more! This hunter will have many more huntable areas - destination areas that will give him many options to place a hunting stand or blind. After this plan goes into effect he will have more than 4 miles of edge for deer to travel!

Ep. 590: Another Big Buck Tagged on a Small Property!

Living and hunting on 9 acres in Kansas has provided great hunting opportunities for Jeff Therrell. Watch to see Jeff's tactics that have brought him repeated successes on this relatively small property! It's a great example of how we can all enjoy hunting anywhere!

Ep. 588: After Six Encounters A Big Arkansas Buck Is Down!

Pro Staffer Heath Martin tags a big, mature buck! See his strategies and Grant's observations that will hopefully help you put more venison in the freezer and antlers on the wall. This is one of the bucks that was at the top of their hit list for the family farm! In this episode: scouting changing food sources, shed antlers, doe harvest, bucks chasing does, multiple buck encounters, decoy strategies, mock scrapes, bottlenecks, MRI, habitat improvement projects, self-filming hunts, spotted does, shot placement, limited/minimal disturbance entry, and more!

Ep. 577: Deer Hunting: Why and When to Harvest Does

Pro Staffer Daniel Stefanoff has a hunting property in Oklahoma where the native habitat is low quality. He's worked to improve the native habitat, established food plots and is now seeing some nice bucks! With more deer using the farm, Daniel knew it was time to take out some does and work toward balancing the number of deer (mouths) with the amount of quality forage on the farm. Watch the hunt and Grant's explanation on how to tell when it's time to harvest does.

Ep. 566: When to Plant Fall Food Plots? Get Ready for Deer Season!

Food plots are on everyone's mind but things are a looking a bit different this year. Grant shares advice for when to plant food plots based on weather patterns, days to the first frost, and potential food plot pests. These tips will help you have successful food plots so that you have them throughout the season!

Ep. 558: Chainsaws, Fire, and Wildflowers: Transforming A Property for Better Hunting 2018-2020

Here's the up-to-date story of the transformation of this hunting property. It all began with a plan back in 2018 which included removing cedars to create more cover and food for whitetails. Once the chainsaw crew came in and cut the cedars, a prescribed fire followed. This video captures the astounding changes and the beauty of this property. This property owner will have much better hunting opportunities this coming fall. The bucks will likely express more of their antler potential because of more native browse and the addition of high quality food plots

Ep. 554: Planting Small Food Plots

Grant shows the results of a small clover food plot created using prescribed fire and broadcasting seed: a lush stand of clover that will likely feed deer for most of the summer! Next, see the steps to plant a small summer food plot using simple hand tools.

Small Clover Food Plot Created After a Prescribed Fire

Small food plots surrounded by timber/forests often get covered in leaves. Here Grant shows how he cleared the area of leaves with a prescribed fire then came back and broadcast clover into the newly bare soil. This is an easy food plot to plant - using inexpensive tools. If you are using prescribed fire as a tool as a habitat management tool - please make sure you get the proper training first - know the weather and fire dangers for your area.

Ep. 535: Better Deer Hunting for a Kansas Ranch and a 45 Acre Iowa Property

Grant assists landowners in Kansas and Iowa with habitat and hunting improvement plans. He shows examples and discusses the pitfalls of using alfalfa or corn for food plots then shares detailed suggestions to help these landowners. In this video: practices that help increase yields for wildlife and production ag, food plot combos that work, cover, better native browse, cover crops, mule deer, TSI, pinch points, stand placement, wind direction, and more!

Ep. 530: Tools And Plans for Better Deer Hunting

Grant assists landowners in Michigan and Oklahoma with habitat and hunting improvement plans! Watch and learn how these plans may help you! In this video: food plot design, TSI, bottlenecks, cover, native browse, prescribed fire, habitat evaluation, stand placement, and more!

Ep. 528: Four Bucks, Three Hunters, Lots of Antlers!

Three hunters tag four bucks in this video! First up: Pro-staff team members Daniel Stefanoff and Brandon Pittman are rewarded for their habitat management improvements with two great Oklahoma bucks! Then watch as Rylan tags two Missouri bucks!

Ep. 520: Bow Hunting: Reading the Sign and Scouting Paid Off!

This stand location took time to develop a winning strategy - but it paid off with several hunts this year! See how identifying food sources, reading the sign, designing and executing a hunting plan can end with fresh venison and lots of great memories!

Buck Down on One of the Hardest Farms He Has Ever Bow Hunted!

Deer Hunting in Arkansas with Heath back in 2017: In this hunt, Heath is after a couple bucks that they have gotten some daylight pictures and hoping they get in range. In this video: grunt calling, bow hunting, scent control, wind direction, scouting white-tails, food plots, aging deer and more!

Ep. 516: 80 Acres, Cold Front, A Travel Corridor to A Hidey Hole Food Plot = Deer Tagged!

Bradley and Danny did a great job designing and executing a hunting plan for an 80 acre property. By creating a hidey hole food plot, they created a limited resource and made an incredible bottleneck that got deer within range and in the freezer. See how their plan came together in this new video! Plus, Grant defines the limited resources for a 20 acre hunting property. Then Grant shares a habitat improvement plan with targeted strategies for better deer hunting.

Ep. 512: Fall Food Plots and Their Hunting Strategies

See the how and the why of what we're doing now to ensure our food plots produce forage that's super attractive to deer and our strategies to hunt these plots throughout the season. Plus, Grant designs a habitat improvement and hunting strategy to maximize deer herd quality and buck encounters for two Georgia properties.

How to Calibrate the Genesis No-till Drill

Grant shares how to calibrate the Genesis drill before planting cool season food plots! Take the time to calibrate the drill and get maximum value from your food plot seed investment!

Ep. 506: New Strategies for Hunting Old Bucks in the Early Season

Antlers have developed and now we can identify individual bucks. We're getting Reconyx trail camera images of Swoops and Slingshot! Watch to see the new strategies we plan on using to hunt these two bucks. Plus: more on food plots, bow maintenance tips, and a hack and squirt update!

Ep. 503: How to Get Better Deer and Turkey Hunting In the Pines

Over 40 tips in this video to help hunters improve hunting opportunities in the pines! Recommendations designed to attract and hold turkey and deer, the best food plot locations and types/varieties, timber harvests, prescribed fire, food plots in the thinned row pines, managing sweetgums, and much more! Watch to see the details as Grant lays out the framework for the best wildlife-oriented habitat management plan focusing on forestry and food plots for better hunting.

Ep. 502: Summer Scouting: New Hunting Strategies

Our early scouting indicates it's going to be a great fall! First, one of our hit list bucks is back (a big, wide 10 pointer!) and he's bigger than ever! Then Grant shares 4 steps to create an ideal hunting location. Watch to see what we're learning as we scout and how we will adjust our hunting locations and strategies for the 2019 season.

Soil Temperature: Keep it Cool Naturally

See how cover crops have multiple benefits! Not only do they reduce weeds and provide nutrients when they decompose - see the tests here that reveals they also keep the soil cool!

Ep. 499: Scouting Hot Food Sources | Small Food Plots Made Better

See why weekly scouting for current preferred food sources is one of the best ways to find hot stand or blind locations. Then Grant shows how to apply the Buffalo System to small food plots. These easy techniques improve the soil and create great hunting locations. Plus, the white oak mystery is solved! For more details on the Jumping Oak Gall:

Ep. 498: Downwind Hunting Strategies | Protecting Food Plots

Bedding areas, funnels, travel corridors and food plots come together for a hunting hot spot! See how you can apply this strategy to fill your buck tag this fall! Then check out a new project in northern Missouri to improve traditional ag ground by converting the farming practices to the Buffalo System!

Ep. 497: Deer Management: How to improve the quality of native browse and food plots

Grant evaluates a bedding area that was recently burned. Check out the incredible results of the prescribed fire! See the diversity of plants and learn about the benefits for wildlife: umbrella plants, preferred deer browse, successional growth, cover for whitetails and more. Then Grant digs deeper into food plots to show how the Buffalo System makes food plots more productive, healthier and easier to establish.

Ep. 496: Predicting the Pre-Rut | Food Plot Progress | Bow Challenge

Growth! Spring fawns, sprouting antlers, food plots...and archery challenges! We're seeing the first fawns for the year. Watch to learn how the birthday of those fawns can be a great clue for predicting and hunting the 2019 pre-rut! Plus, see an update on steps for the Buffalo System food plots -- and gardens. Stay tuned to the end for a bow shooting challenge from the Gould Brothers!

Solar Panels

Plant leaves are the worlds most efficient solar panels. Grant explains the relationships between the sun, plant leaves and soil biology.

Ep. 494: Turkey Hunting Skills Tested with Tough Conditions: Tagging Toms!

The GrowingDeer team puts their turkey hunting skills to the test when the conditions get tough. Find out how understanding turkey behavior, scouting, and decoys helped hunters tag toms in Missouri and Kansas! Then see how using the Buffalo System saved food plots during recent floods at The Proving Grounds.

Ep. 492: Spring Food Plots: Cover Crop Benefits with the Buffalo System

We are always working to improve the food plots on The Proving Grounds. When we find what works, we pass it along to our viewers. Check out this video to see a test that shows how your soil performs in absorbing rain water. Plus: an update on our turkey season and food plot planting.

The Buffalo Organic Vegetalbe Garden

See the concepts of the Buffalo food plot applied to the home garden. GrowingDeer editor Blake Porter had great results with cover crops, crimping, and planting.

In and Out

This has been the scene all too often in the post rut here at The Proving Grounds. Deer are hanging in the acorns on the warmer slopes out of the wind and only on food plots for very brief times.

Ep. 472: Deer Hunting Strategies | How Thermals Change the Way We Hunt | Trapping Nest Predators

In the last episode we encountered "Slingshot." Did you notice that his antlers were different on his second appearance? Watch this video to see what we think happened and how it leads to a specific strategy for deer hunting. Next, Grant explains thermals and how to strategically select your hunting location based on air movements. Don't get busted again! Plus, it's time to trap! Grant shares trapping techniques and explains how nest predators can affect many prey species.

Ep. 471: Tagging Deer | Post Rut Strategies and Lessons from the Hunt

Tyler has a great encounter with a LOT of inches of antler during rifle season. Watch this very exciting hunt and the lessons learned. Grant explains a hunting strategy that can yield interesting results! Plus, see the details on a late season hunting tip for targeting deer seeking energy rich food sources!

Ep. 467: Hunting the Pre-Rut: 2 Bucks Down Plus 2 Doe Doubles in One Day

Cooler temperatures, falling acorns, and the pre-rut have deer on their feet! First up: Daniel and Tyler share their hunts and strategies to get venison in the freezer: two doubles in one day! Then it's youth season. Watch as Rylan gets his second buck of the year and Wylee shoots his first ever whitetail, his first buck! Stay tuned to the end when Grant shares advice on how to improve the habitat for better deer hunting.

Ep. 460: Chasing Bucks | Strategies, Food Plots, Trail Cameras

Elk hunt! Grant is preparing for his next big adventure: a New Mexico elk hunt. See what he's doing to increase his chances of success for those hunts! Then see a tip to enhance food plots for better deer hunting and healthier deer. Plus, tips for scouting using trail cameras and setting the harvest objectives for The Proving Grounds this season.

Ep. 458: Deer Hunters | Scrape Strategies and Fall Food Plots

It's time to be planting fall food plots! Grant shows his food plot techniques then answers some commonly asked questions on how and when to plant/manage food plots. Plus (5:49), he explains how to use real and mock scrapes as part of a hunting strategy.

Ep. 454: Deer Hunting Strategies | Scouting Velvet Bucks | Treestands

Deer season is just around the corner so we're scouting velvet bucks in the food plots! The anticipation is starting to build! Plus: preparing and maintaining the Summit treestands for new hunting strategies, an update of summer food plots, summer water resources, and best of all...a mature old buck is back on the trail cameras - Highriser!

Ep. 452: Whitetail Habitat Changes Help Reach Deer Hunting Goals

Grant and the team return to layout another phase of habitat improvements on a Missouri hunting property. See the before and after from recently completed projects, then new recommendations that focus on better food plots with weed control and timber stand improvement. Stay tuned to the end for an update on food plots, antlers, and plans for the 2018 deer harvest on The Proving Grounds.

Over the Top: Antlers in Broadside

Look close! The Eagle Seed Broadside provides tons of food for whitetails! The forage soybeans are so BIG that this Buck barely tops them! Great food, great cover...nice buck!

Ep. 447: Buffalo Food Plot System | New Techniques and Experiments!

Grant demonstrates the benefits you'll gain using the "Buffalo" food plot system. A heat gun? You'll be surprised at how hot old school food plots can get. You might not believe your eyes! Are you in a CWD zone? We'll show you a technique to help grow great deer and give you the tastiest food plots in the neighborhood.

Ep. 444: Deer Management | Shooting Accurately, Food Plots

Deer management means balancing the population with the food resources. Bow hunting is the method we use to help that balance. Grant shares how he practices now for the best form/release for bow hunting. Stay tuned for an update on planting our warm season food plots: tips and strategies for the best food plots possible.

A Gully Washer for Sure!

We've got about half or better of our food plots in...and getting rain. This one storm dropped a lot of water!

Tractor Time

Tyler has been in the tractor seat a lot of hours this week as he works to get the food plots in with the Genesis no-till drill!

Ep. 443: Food Plots and Native Browse | Best Whitetail Forage

Grant shows the first steps to successful food plots: calibrate your drill because seed sizes changes every year, and planting "green" with the Buffalo System. Next (8:26) Grant walks a recent prescribed burn area. See the improved native habitat for better deer browse. Then (11:46) an example of how cover crop blends work together to protect soil moisture, hold back weeds and feed hungry deer. But first: a brief Memorial Day greeting.

Life Made Easy

The SwiveLift helps save time and our backs! Working safely means more time to get those food plots in!

Seeking Clover

This Buffalo Blend food plot feeds deer throughtout the winter...and into spring with the clover that has jumped with the spring rains and warmer temps!

Ep. 441: His Best Turkey Hunt In 32 Years | Better Food Plots

It's a turkey hunting tradition between old friends! Watch as Grant and Scott hunt for the 32nd year together! It's a beautiful morning with a gobbler fanning and drumming in the morning sun! After getting the tom down, Scott declares that it's his "best hunt in 32 years." Stay tuned after the hunt for an update on improvements for better food plots.


Spring green up and coyotes are cruisin' the food plots.

Ep. 437: Turkey Hunting Tips | Food Plots for Spring Tune Up

Grant shows his practice method for shooting turkeys at close range with his bow. Watch to see the tips then, new food plot choices: (07:12) see why we are switching from perennial clover to annual clover in some of our plots as Grant shares how the Buffalo System provides quality forage and builds soil during the spring months. Then, (13:43) turkey hunting and deer hunting advice to folks that came to a Bass Pro event.

Ep. 436: How To | Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting, and More From Field Day 2018

This video is more than highlights: it's filled with details from presentations at our 2018 spring field days: predator trapping (03:50), food plots and soil management with the buffalo system (10:05), antler scoring/field judging bucks and ground hunting/stalking whitetails (20:48), turkey calling (29:13), and more! It's time to sit back, watch, listen, and learn as the team shares information to help all hunters.

Field Day: Get the Most Tonnage From Your Food Plots

The history behind Eagle Seed and what drives them to develop and provide the best forage soybeans on the market. Watch to learn why we here at GrowingDeer choose to work with this innovative company and why soybeans are one of our top choices for food plots.

Questions On Deer And Habitat

More questions and more answers from a recent property review: fat, food, soybeans, soil, food plots, nutrients, etc.

Ep. 413: Bow Hunting: At the End of the Blood Trail

Three deer down! First an update on food plots and habitat at The Proving Grounds after the recent drought. Then it's time for deer hunting! Daniel bow hunts where deer are pouring into the food plots! Watch the hunts to see three deer arrowed and lessons learned at the end of each blood trail.

Ep. 407: Scouting Bucks| Strategies for New Stand Locations, Fall Food Plots

Deer hunting prep is in full swing! We're scouting for bucks, hanging treestands near a new food plot, and using a new technique for fall food plots. Watch to see some nice looking bucks, the strategy behind our stand placement, and this new technique that keeps food on the "table" for whitetails throughout the season.

How To Care and Maintain Tree Plots

Planting fruit or nut trees within or alongside a food plot makes for a great hunting spot. Watch as the experts at Flatwood Natives explain how to prune, fertilize and maintain trees for maximum success.

Ep. 406: 10 Tips to Quickly Age Bucks | Food Plot and Habitat Help

A brief Labor Day greeting then Dr. Woods shares 10 tips to quickly age bucks "on the hoof" in hunting situations or when studying trail camera images. See a great new technique to improve food plots and make quality minerals available to a deer herd in any state. The team also visits two properties in Missouri and Oklahoma to offer ideas to improve their hunting: native browse, glades, food plots, cover, crop rotations, and more.

Ep. 405: Bow Hunting: Tips To Be On Target | Easy Fall Plots

An episode full of tips and useful information as deer hunters prepare for bow season and fall food plots! Grant helps local hunters with tips for improving their hunting grounds. Then Daniel gets help getting his new bow dialed in. Followed by Grant sharing his personal bow practice program. The episode wraps up with details on how to put in easy fall food plots.

Ep. 404: Deer Hunting Prep: Scouting Bucks, Grunt Calling and More

It's time to scout! Bachelor groups of bucks are in the food plots; Including our #1 hit list buck, Southpaw! Then the maker of the Messenger Grunt Call shares tips for calling in deer throughout the season. Stay tuned for habit management tips to benefit whitetails and wild turkey.

Keep 'em Out: Food Plot Prediction

Watch as the Non-Typical Wildlife Solutions fence keeps this buck out of those great looking beans! Keep deer out of your food plots or gardens with these electric fences.

Ep. 397: Food Plots | Predators, Protection and Possibilities

Food plots are a strategic tool for deer hunting. In this video we're following up on food plot projects showing what's working (and not working). Check out Daniel's hunt for a pesky plot predator: a ground hog! Stay tuned to the end for an introduction to how CWD, Chronic Wasting Disease, is changing how we do things at The Proving Grounds.

Ep. 394: Food Plots: A Great Tool to Improve Hunting Quality

Strategic use of food plots can improve hunting success! In this video we share why and where to locate a plot and strategies for hunting it. Plus, we show one of our favorite strategies that can be used when hunting five acres or five hundred. Stay tuned to see a dramatic explanation of how to build soils for better food plots and better nutrition for whitetails.

Ep. 393: How to Maximize Food Plots

Sharing how we now create food plots in a less expensive and more efficient way. It's time to review and compare the food plots. Additionally, info on how to maximize the food plots and gain additional "vertical space" to get more tonnage from each plot.

Food Plots: All In A Days Work

Time lapse video of the "team work" crimping and no-till drilling of one of the larger food plots on the Proving Grounds. First the Goliath roller/crimper goes over the cover crop. Then the no-till drill goes over the same area planting the Eagle Seed forage soybeans the deer will feed on for the summer and into fall.

Ep. 392: How to Plant Food Plots Easier, Cheaper, Better

An all round recipe for food plot success with tips that will reduce cost, increase soil fertility, lower soil temperature and reduce moisture loss! Plus a comparison of different planting methods and how to determine when and where change is needed.

The Goliath Crimper Roller

We're using the Goliath crimper roller on The Proving Grounds! It saving us money by using less chemicals. The Goliath is a great tool for terminating our cover crops, reducing weeds and creating a great nutritious mulch for our next food plot.

Ep. 391: Turkey Hunting, Double Down! | Food Plot Cover Crops

After a brief Memorial Day message, it's turkey hunting in Kansas with Heath and Lindsey Martin. They work their strategies, changing locations and calling patterns, to get toms into range! Then we turn our attention to summer food plots and the benefits of cover crops.

Soil & Water Conservation: Deer Hunters Are Conservationist

How does deer hunting relate to soil and water conservation? Dr. Woods gave a presentation to explain how to a local group. He introduced some tenants of deer hunting and deer management. Then he explained how the food plot techniques he uses on his property can improve and conserve soil and water. These techniques can be applied to any farm across the country.

Ep. 389: Turkey Hunting | Secrets for Successful Food Plots

Watch Pops Woods successful turkey hunt during the long beard lull. Grant shares the details of why that blind was the best location for tagging a tom at that point in the season. Plus, see new techniques and secrets to more successful food plots.

Time for Food Plots!

Eagle Seed beans have been the main stay of our food plot program. The spring shipment is always a day to celebrate! Local hunters often order their seed and pick up at The Proving Grounds.

Ep. 386: Tagging Toms! Teens Hunting Turkeys And Habitat Improvement Tips

Turkey hunting and advice on improving hunting land! See habitat improvement tips , for Oklahoma hunting land. Then Rae Wood's turkey hunt where she tags a gobbler soon after sunrise! It's a first long beard for Adam Andrew's! Watch his turkey hunt from . The video wraps up with insights on a helpful critter for food plots and more!

Ep. 385: Targeting A Plan for Bigger Antlers And Better Hunting

First, an Easter greeting, then advice for a landowner in big farm country to improve his property for even bigger bucks and better hunting. See a few details of those recommendations and more on establishing spring food plots and improving wildlife habitat.

Ep. 384: How To Use A Diaphragm Mouth Call, Clover Food Plots And More!

Turkey hunters new and old will enjoy this video with tips on how to cluck, yelp, and more with a diaphragm mouth call; plus strategies on when and where to use each call. Turkey hunting and spring food plots go hand in hand - stay tuned to the end to see why clover is an part of our food plot program, and tips on how to get the most from clover food plots.

Ep. 382: How To: Frost Seeding Clover, Hunting With Turkey Decoys, And More!

A massive "how to" video: detailed tips for frost seeding clover to get the maximum use from your food plots. Followed by tried and true expert tips and strategies for using decoys when turkey hunting. Stay tuned to the see the tool we use to determine if there's enough food for the deer on The Proving Grounds.

Ep. 368: Deer Hunting: A Perfect Strategy for Tagging a Mature Buck

Hunting the rut - bucks chasing does! See Lindsey tag a mature buck on the family farm. It's a top hit list buck that's a real stud for that part of Arkansas! Then Adam and Matt are back in Kansas where they let the arrows fly. Plus, we've got the details of the hunt for mind blowing 260" buck! The episode wraps up with some solid tips and "how to" on trapping nest predators.

Chowing Down and Growing Big and Strong

Chowing down! This young buck shows a lot of potential! Providing good nutrition through quality food plots like Eagle Seed Broadside blend can make a huge difference!

Ep. 353: How to Grow The Best Food Plots for Whitetails

Deer hunters are turning thoughts to deer season and fall food plots! Weather and soil moisture play a major role in when to plant. Watch as we share tips and techniques that help to get the most out of each food plot despite the challenges of rocky soil and dry weather.

Ep. 349: Hunting Strategies: Family Farms And Ponds

A family cattle farm is being transitioned into a hunting property: sanctuaries, food plots, stand locations and more. Then the team works with an expert to solve the problem of leaky ponds for better hunting this fall.

Quiet Morning Browse Time

Do you think there's a pattern here? These does enjoy a quiet morning breakfast on the Eagle Seed Soybeans.

Ep. 347: Easy Food Plots And Deer Hunting Strategies

An experiment with a new technique for planting food plots paid off with very promising results: see this alternative for quick and easy fall food plots! Plus, what to look for to create dynamite hidey hole food plots. Watch all this along with off season practice techniques that helps to become more accurate bow hunters at crunch time!

Ep. 342: Fawn and Food Plot Robbers Plus Aging Velvet Bucks

We're in the blind taking aim on a few groundhogs that are wreaking havoc on our food plots. While in the Redneck Blind we see some developing antlers which put our aging deer on the hoof skills to the test. Stay tuned to see a fawn robber in action!

Surprising Ground Hogs

Hunting Groundhogs is always fun and entertaining. Check out this video of rare ground hog behavior.

Ep. 340: Late Season Bow Hunting Food Plot Set Up

Planting food plots for a great spot for late season bow hunting action. Learn how you can protect your property and the investment of food plots by planting with the "messy" technique. Stay tuned to see how a hot zone electric fence can be strategically used for a bow hunting hot spot in a field that previously was strictly used for rifle hunting.

Planting Food Plots Made Easy With The Genesis Drill

Most hunters plant food plots on smaller acreage. Most farm equipment is designed for planting production ag crops on large acreage. The new Genesis drill is designed specifically for the food plot farmer and hunter. Easy to use, quick and easy calibration, small and efficient for smaller acreage. Wa

Ep. 339: How to Make the Best Hunting Spots: Small Food Plots

Watch and learn our techniques for planting small, hidey-hole food plots and improving the soil at the same time. Small food plots make great stand locations and better soil will produce more forage to attract and feed deer. Stay tuned to see more on mineral stations and "how to" on necessary maintenance for your shotgun post turkey season.

Ep. 333: Tips For Hunting And Habitat Management: Spring Field Day 2016

Tips and strategies for better deer and turkey hunting were shared at the recent Spring Field Day. Grab a pen and paper! This episode is loaded with information! We cover strategies for food plots, tree plots, bow hunting setups and habitat management practices. Plus the latest insider information on ammunition, broadheads, filming accessories and game calls.

Ep. 330: Deer Management: See More Deer, Grow Bigger Deer

An brief Easter greeting then new research on the ideal deer hunting weather. Plus, see the steps we take to prepare for planting food plots and a successful hunting season. Bigger antlers, healthier deer and maximum yield in your plots starts with one thing - soil samples!

Ep. 329: Prime Pig Hunt In South Florida

Grant and Adam head to Florida for a hog hunt! Watch as the first morning settled in a Redneck Hay Bale Blind produces some "Prime" pork. After the bow hunt, the team puts in a food plot with the new Genesis drill. Then the experts at Flatwood Natives show to maximize the production of tree plots.

Ep. 328: Early Spring Scouting: Food Plots and Turkeys

Food plots go beyond selecting a seed variety, planting, and hunting! Check out the planting technique that attracts wildlife, improves their nutrition, and builds better soil! Spring turkey hunting is on our minds too! Pre-season scouting can be difficult with tough work schedules, but it can be done! Watch how we locate and scout turkeys before opening day.

Ep. 320: Bow Hunting: Cracking the Riddle, Hit List Buck Down!

Bow hunting whitetails when Seth solves the pattern riddle to arrow a mature hit list buck. In the first bow hunt, Grant takes an opportunity to arrow a turkey. Then in another deer hunt Chase White has a doe down after the smoke clears! Stay tuned to the end for tips on trapping predators and dispatching a skunk.

Ep. 303: Food Plot Strategies for Better Soil And Bigger Antlers

Food plots are one of the most important tools for deer managers. The best food plot programs are designed for both bigger antlers, healthier deer, and healthier soils. Watch this episode for tips on how it can be done in a variety of conditions and budgets.

Who Eats That?

After a hard morning of planting food plots, the guys have a little fun in the truck questioning a mystery of life and favorite foods: who eats that?

Ep. 299: Deer Hunting Made Easier: Field Day 2015

Deer hunters congregated at The Proving Grounds to hear expert tips, information and advice on everything from planting trees for tree plots, trapping predators, ballistics, using decoys, to food plots, prescribed fire use and tree stands at the 2015 Field Day event. This special feature length video shares an in-depth look at several of the presentations.

Ep. 295: Bow Hunting: Fine Tuning Before Deer Season

Which arrows to shoot this fall? Lightweight for speed or heavy for punch power? Watch Grant test both types and make his decision. Plus, check out how the food plots are holding up with intense summer browse pressure.

Reach For The Sun: Soybeans & Whitetails

Eagle Seed soybeans respond to the sun and rain in this time lapse video! The deer chow down on lush beans too! Do you see the turkeys? Leave a comment using the facebook comment box if you do!

Ep. 292: A New Buck And Storm Proofed Food Plots

A brief 4th of July message then the focus on a new buck revealed by the Reconyx trail cameras. He's a big one! We need your help to give him a name! Then see how our food plots stood up to the recent rain storms and why.

Ep. 291: Food Plots: A Bean For Bow Hunters

Action in the food plots with fawns, turkey poults, and a new soybean variety. It will be great for bow hunting in the small food plots where it is planted. Plus, how to control invasive plants like multiflora rose.

Ready to Fawn!

This doe looks like she's read to drop a fawn at any moment! Check her out as she feeds on this luscious patch of clover!

Classroom In the Field

How does food plot management and elephants in Africa relate to 9th grade students? See what Dr. Woods has to share with these students.

Ep. 286: Turkey Hunting Challenges: 2 Birds Down

Seth and Chase team up for several days of turkey hunting where they are challenged to get a gobbler in range! Finally, they each get a tom in range and down! Plus, advice for better spring food plots and protecting your soil.

Ep. 279: Bow Hunt Turkeys: Get Ready! Plus Fire And Frost Seeding

After a brief Easter greeting it's habitat management with a prescribed fire at Troy Landry's farm in Kansas (begins 1:08), then a demonstration of frost seeding food plots (begins 4:33). Then Adam shares how he practices so that he's ready for early spring bow hunting wild turkeys (begins 6:12).

Ride Along With Grant

A glimpse into Grant's tour with a landowner as they tour his farm to improve his deer hunting opportunities.

Food Plot Revealed!

After many days of snow, this deer can't wait to hit the turnips in this food plot!

Ep. 275: Winter Food Plot Combinations That Work

Whitetail food plots are being put to the test with harsher than normal winter conditions around much of the country. Watch this video to see how these food plots are providing great winter forage and why. Plus, (starts 6:20) turkey season is just around the corner so it's time to get the gear ready!

Who Hid The Turnips?

These deer work hard to find the turnips under the snow! A quality food plot at work - Eagle Seed Broadside mix!

Ep. 273: Talking Whitetails With Troy Landry, Plus: Skinning A Coyote

Step by step on how to skin out a coyote for the tannery for a beautiful fur! Then, "Swamp People" star Troy Landry needs help improving his deer hunting property in Kansas (begin 9:20) Grant takes a tour then shares suggestions for improving the food plots, stand locations, creating cover and bedding areas, and shed hunting.

Winter Food Plots Deer Love

Finding a food plot blend that feed deer during the harsh winter months is a challenge. The whitetails at our place have leaned that Eagle Seed Broadside mix fits that bill.

Deer Eat Turnips

These does chow down on the brassicas in this food plot! Brassicas are a great choice for winter food plots.

Ep. 252: Secrets To Quick Food Plots

How to quickly improve food plots for food throughout the fall and winter months, plus: How to make an early bow hunting attractant for whitetails!

Extreme Field Clearing For New Food Plot

Our mountainous terrain means there isn't a lot of flat ground for food plots. It also means you can't clear new ground with a bush hog. We experimented with a new method to get some ground cleared for either a new food plot or better native browse. Welcome to the "Boss Hog"!

Ep. 234: Turkey Hunting Teamwork

Two Hunts and Three Birds Down As Prostaff Team Of Heath & Lindsey Martin Turkey Hunt In Kansas And Arkansas, Plus:Profiling Spring Food Plots