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Ep. 537: Tips for Managing Hardwood Timber for Better Deer Hunting

Do you hunt hardwoods? Check out Grant's plan to turn a hardwood block into great quality habitat that makes bucks much easier to pattern. In this episode: closed canopy forests, food plot locations and strategies, the Buffalo System, whitetail cover, native browse, logging, nesting habitat and more!

Ep. 535: Better Deer Hunting for a Kansas Ranch and a 45 Acre Iowa Property

Grant assists landowners in Kansas and Iowa with habitat and hunting improvement plans. He shows examples and discusses the pitfalls of using alfalfa or corn for food plots then shares detailed suggestions to help these landowners. In this video: practices that help increase yields for wildlife and production ag, food plot combos that work, cover, better native browse, cover crops, mule deer, TSI, pinch points, stand placement, wind direction, and more!

Ep. 531: Same Property, 2014 VS 2020: New Plan for Even Bigger Deer!

Grant assisted Martin during 2014 with a habitat plan to meet his and his sons hunting objectives. They implemented the plan and tagged a lot of bucks. Now they are ready for a plan to produce and harvest mature bucks! Watch as Grant shares a plan to meet Martin's objectives and learn some techniques that will work no matter where you hunt! In this episode: managing native grasslands, TSI, prescribed fire, selecting new food plot locations, selecting strategic hunting stand locations, pinch points, mock scrapes, erosion control, conservation tillage, and more!

Ep. 512: Fall Food Plots and Their Hunting Strategies

See the how and the why of what we're doing now to ensure our food plots produce forage that's super attractive to deer and our strategies to hunt these plots throughout the season. Plus, Grant designs a habitat improvement and hunting strategy to maximize deer herd quality and buck encounters for two Georgia properties.

How to Calibrate the Genesis No-till Drill

Grant shares how to calibrate the Genesis drill before planting cool season food plots! Take the time to calibrate the drill and get maximum value from your food plot seed investment!

Ep. 510: The Food Plot That Attracts More Deer

Want to attract more deer? Check out this side by side comparison: one side of a food plot was planted last fall with clover and the other side with the Fall Buffalo Blend! This spring the entire plot was planted with Eagle Seeds soybeans using the Buffalo System. It's extremely obvious that deer were more attracted to one side of the plot! There's no doubt where deer have been and will be using this plot! Plus: before and after proven techniques to get lush native browse.

Ep. 507: Scouting a New Stand Location: Thermals, Scent Trails, Access

It's a great time to be putting boots on the ground and finding new stand and blind locations! We've found a great spot to put up a stand for the early bow season. Watch to see what makes this a strategic set-up for tagging deer this fall! Grant considers thermals, wind direction, access, deer movement, and more. Plus: prescribed fire, summer food plot review, and critter updates.

Soil Temperature: Keep it Cool Naturally

See how cover crops have multiple benefits! Not only do they reduce weeds and provide nutrients when they decompose - see the tests here that reveals they also keep the soil cool!

Ep. 499: Scouting Hot Food Sources | Small Food Plots Made Better

See why weekly scouting for current preferred food sources is one of the best ways to find hot stand or blind locations. Then Grant shows how to apply the Buffalo System to small food plots. These easy techniques improve the soil and create great hunting locations. Plus, the white oak mystery is solved! For more details on the Jumping Oak Gall:

Ep. 498: Downwind Hunting Strategies | Protecting Food Plots

Bedding areas, funnels, travel corridors and food plots come together for a hunting hot spot! See how you can apply this strategy to fill your buck tag this fall! Then check out a new project in northern Missouri to improve traditional ag ground by converting the farming practices to the Buffalo System!

Ep. 497: Deer Management: How to improve the quality of native browse and food plots

Grant evaluates a bedding area that was recently burned. Check out the incredible results of the prescribed fire! See the diversity of plants and learn about the benefits for wildlife: umbrella plants, preferred deer browse, successional growth, cover for whitetails and more. Then Grant digs deeper into food plots to show how the Buffalo System makes food plots more productive, healthier and easier to establish.

Ep. 496: Predicting the Pre-Rut | Food Plot Progress | Bow Challenge

Growth! Spring fawns, sprouting antlers, food plots...and archery challenges! We're seeing the first fawns for the year. Watch to learn how the birthday of those fawns can be a great clue for predicting and hunting the 2019 pre-rut! Plus, see an update on steps for the Buffalo System food plots -- and gardens. Stay tuned to the end for a bow shooting challenge from the Gould Brothers!

Solar Panels

Plant leaves are the worlds most efficient solar panels. Grant explains the relationships between the sun, plant leaves and soil biology.

Ep. 494: Turkey Hunting Skills Tested with Tough Conditions: Tagging Toms!

The GrowingDeer team puts their turkey hunting skills to the test when the conditions get tough. Find out how understanding turkey behavior, scouting, and decoys helped hunters tag toms in Missouri and Kansas! Then see how using the Buffalo System saved food plots during recent floods at The Proving Grounds.

Ep. 492: Spring Food Plots: Cover Crop Benefits with the Buffalo System

We are always working to improve the food plots on The Proving Grounds. When we find what works, we pass it along to our viewers. Check out this video to see a test that shows how your soil performs in absorbing rain water. Plus: an update on our turkey season and food plot planting.

Ep. 482: Time to Shed Hunt | Land Management Tips for Erosion Control

One of the oldest bucks we know on the property, Swoops, has shed an antler and we've got plans to find it! Then, Grant shares tips for healthy soil and property management. See how the Buffalo System improves soil and protects it! __ Broad Based Dips visit ___ Mountain Grove Wild Game Banquet: Call Jim @ 417-699-2645 ___ SEPA QDMA Whitetail Education: Call Steve @ 610-599-5051 ___ Duke Traps offer: or call 662-494-6767

Ep. 480: More Deer, More Food: Better Deer Hunting

Getting better deer hunting starts with having better habitat and food sources. In this episode Grant compares the forage in a recently created food plot to one that's been established for years. Find out what his observations are and how he plans tojump start the Buffalo System in the new plot.

Ep. 458: Deer Hunters | Scrape Strategies and Fall Food Plots

It's time to be planting fall food plots! Grant shows his food plot techniques then answers some commonly asked questions on how and when to plant/manage food plots. Plus (5:49), he explains how to use real and mock scrapes as part of a hunting strategy.

Ep. 452: Whitetail Habitat Changes Help Reach Deer Hunting Goals

Grant and the team return to layout another phase of habitat improvements on a Missouri hunting property. See the before and after from recently completed projects, then new recommendations that focus on better food plots with weed control and timber stand improvement. Stay tuned to the end for an update on food plots, antlers, and plans for the 2018 deer harvest on The Proving Grounds.

Ep. 447: Buffalo Food Plot System | New Techniques and Experiments!

Grant demonstrates the benefits you'll gain using the "Buffalo" food plot system. A heat gun? You'll be surprised at how hot old school food plots can get. You might not believe your eyes! Are you in a CWD zone? We'll show you a technique to help grow great deer and give you the tastiest food plots in the neighborhood.

Ep. 444: Deer Management | Shooting Accurately, Food Plots

Deer management means balancing the population with the food resources. Bow hunting is the method we use to help that balance. Grant shares how he practices now for the best form/release for bow hunting. Stay tuned for an update on planting our warm season food plots: tips and strategies for the best food plots possible.

Ep. 443: Food Plots and Native Browse | Best Whitetail Forage

Grant shows the first steps to successful food plots: calibrate your drill because seed sizes changes every year, and planting "green" with the Buffalo System. Next (8:26) Grant walks a recent prescribed burn area. See the improved native habitat for better deer browse. Then (11:46) an example of how cover crop blends work together to protect soil moisture, hold back weeds and feed hungry deer. But first: a brief Memorial Day greeting.

Ep. 442: Intense Turkey Hunting: A Calling Strategy That Worked

Turkey hunting with Rae Woods behind the gun. A tom comes in...and out. Watch how patience, a change in calling strategies and persistence to get this gobbler down. Stay tuned after the hunt for an easy way to determine soil health and steps for good soil conservation practices.

Ep. 441: His Best Turkey Hunt In 32 Years | Better Food Plots

It's a turkey hunting tradition between old friends! Watch as Grant and Scott hunt for the 32nd year together! It's a beautiful morning with a gobbler fanning and drumming in the morning sun! After getting the tom down, Scott declares that it's his "best hunt in 32 years." Stay tuned after the hunt for an update on improvements for better food plots.

Ep. 437: Turkey Hunting Tips | Food Plots for Spring Tune Up

Grant shows his practice method for shooting turkeys at close range with his bow. Watch to see the tips then, new food plot choices: (07:12) see why we are switching from perennial clover to annual clover in some of our plots as Grant shares how the Buffalo System provides quality forage and builds soil during the spring months. Then, (13:43) turkey hunting and deer hunting advice to folks that came to a Bass Pro event.

Ep. 436: How To | Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting, and More From Field Day 2018

This video is more than highlights: it's filled with details from presentations at our 2018 spring field days: predator trapping (03:50), food plots and soil management with the buffalo system (10:05), antler scoring/field judging bucks and ground hunting/stalking whitetails (20:48), turkey calling (29:13), and more! It's time to sit back, watch, listen, and learn as the team shares information to help all hunters.