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Ep. 691: Food Plots: The Best Tillage

Grant shows examples from the field on why roots and worms make the best tillage for food plots. No-till planting with cover crops will save you time and money with more nutritious food for whitetails!

Ep. 646: Food Plot Seminar: How to Have Better Food Plots and Less Work

This food plot webinar was recorded live. Grant explains the many benefits of using The Release Process (TM) to create better food plots with less work! In this video: original pre-settlement soils, no-till, cover crops versus traditional plowing with fertilizers and herbicides, tons of details and step by step guides are provided.

Ep. 620: Food Plots That Feed Deer AND the Soil

It will soon be time to plant spring food plots! In this video: when to plant for the best food plots success, food plot seed mixes that feed the deer and the soil, how to get deer to express their full genetic potential, how to monitor soil temperature, and more!

Ep. 603: Bigger Antlers and Healthier Fawns: Winter Food Plot Check List

In most areas, native vegetation probably isn't providing enough forage to carry the deer herd over the winter. This is why a well designed food plot program can be an important tool for hunting and improved deer herd quality. Late winter and late summer are critical times for whitetails. Watch this video to see tips on how to monitor your available forage and plan for a better food plot program this year.

Ep. 535: Better Deer Hunting for a Kansas Ranch and a 45 Acre Iowa Property

Grant assists landowners in Kansas and Iowa with habitat and hunting improvement plans. He shows examples and discusses the pitfalls of using alfalfa or corn for food plots then shares detailed suggestions to help these landowners. In this video: practices that help increase yields for wildlife and production ag, food plot combos that work, cover, better native browse, cover crops, mule deer, TSI, pinch points, stand placement, wind direction, and more!

Ep. 531: Same Property, 2014 VS 2020: New Plan for Even Bigger Deer!

Grant assisted Martin during 2014 with a habitat plan to meet his and his sons hunting objectives. They implemented the plan and tagged a lot of bucks. Now they are ready for a plan to produce and harvest mature bucks! Watch as Grant shares a plan to meet Martin's objectives and learn some techniques that will work no matter where you hunt! In this episode: managing native grasslands, TSI, prescribed fire, selecting new food plot locations, selecting strategic hunting stand locations, pinch points, mock scrapes, erosion control, conservation tillage, and more!

Ep. 512: Fall Food Plots and Their Hunting Strategies

See the how and the why of what we're doing now to ensure our food plots produce forage that's super attractive to deer and our strategies to hunt these plots throughout the season. Plus, Grant designs a habitat improvement and hunting strategy to maximize deer herd quality and buck encounters for two Georgia properties.

How to Calibrate the Genesis No-till Drill

Grant shares how to calibrate the Genesis drill before planting cool season food plots! Take the time to calibrate the drill and get maximum value from your food plot seed investment!

Ep. 510: The Food Plot That Attracts More Deer

Want to attract more deer? Check out this side by side comparison: one side of a food plot was planted last fall with clover and the other side with the Fall Buffalo Blend! This spring the entire plot was planted with Eagle Seeds soybeans using the Buffalo System. It's extremely obvious that deer were more attracted to one side of the plot! There's no doubt where deer have been and will be using this plot! Plus: before and after proven techniques to get lush native browse.

Ep. 480: More Deer, More Food: Better Deer Hunting

Getting better deer hunting starts with having better habitat and food sources. In this episode Grant compares the forage in a recently created food plot to one that's been established for years. Find out what his observations are and how he plans tojump start the Buffalo System in the new plot.

Tractor Time

Tyler has been in the tractor seat a lot of hours this week as he works to get the food plots in with the Genesis no-till drill!

Food Plots: All In A Days Work

Time lapse video of the "team work" crimping and no-till drilling of one of the larger food plots on the Proving Grounds. First the Goliath roller/crimper goes over the cover crop. Then the no-till drill goes over the same area planting the Eagle Seed forage soybeans the deer will feed on for the summer and into fall.

Ep. 353: How to Grow The Best Food Plots for Whitetails

Deer hunters are turning thoughts to deer season and fall food plots! Weather and soil moisture play a major role in when to plant. Watch as we share tips and techniques that help to get the most out of each food plot despite the challenges of rocky soil and dry weather.

Ep. 286: Turkey Hunting Challenges: 2 Birds Down

Seth and Chase team up for several days of turkey hunting where they are challenged to get a gobbler in range! Finally, they each get a tom in range and down! Plus, advice for better spring food plots and protecting your soil.