60 Yard Turkey Loads – Episode #276

By GrowingDeer,

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Watch GrowingDeer.tv episode #276 to see a 60 yard turkey load.

There’s a lot of talk about Winchester’s Long Beard XR and for good reason. These revolutionary shells have changed the landscape of turkey hunting. This season, Winchester may have taken the Long Beard a step further with the new Long Beard XR Magnum. Watch this episode as we put the new magnum to the test. Plus, have you considered a hunting co-op for you and your neighbors? We did! Watch as the Branson Deer Co-op has its first gathering.

Tip of the Week:Burning is a known management tool for turkeys, especially in the early spring.

Late winter prescribed burning will make excellent turkey nesting & bugging habitat this spring. Prescribed fire now, for excellent hunting soon!