50 Acre Burn How To – Episode #326

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Watch a 50 acre burn how to in GrowingDeer episode #326.

Spring green up is on its way, so it’s time to drop a match. First we will show you the steps we take to ensure safety and success. Watch how our timber ground is improved for hunting and habitat. We increase the amount of native vegetation while reducing the tick habitat. It’s a win win for our deer management plan!

Deer co-ops make your hunting better. Get your neighbors together for food and fellowship. Then learn to manage that trigger finger! Watch footage from the recent Branson Deer Co-op meeting and see how neighbors working together can make everyone’s hunting better!

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Tip of the Week:Wild turkey

Prescribed fire is a great tool for drawing turkeys.

Fresh food, bugs, and strutting zones.

What’s not to like?

** Avoid fire during nesting season!

Warning: This video contains information about prescribed fire which is a management tool for trained professionals using the appropriate tools for the situation.