2014 Bow Opener – Big Buck Down – Episode #251

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Watch the first bow hunt of 2014 in GrowingDeer.tv episode #251.

First bow hunt of the season and Grant and Adam have a nice buck coming in. They need to age him quickly. Shoot or pass, what would you do? At the same time, couple hundred yards away, Gene Price with Trophy Rock, tags a big old Kentucky bruiser.

Are you gonna mount that buck? How-to: Caping your buck for the taxidermist. Gene and Grant show you step by step, how to cape-out your buck, to help make a great shoulder mount.

Buck eating acornsTip of the Week:

You’ve got a great food plot, but not seeing deer?

Prime Suspect: Acorns. Acorns are king when they’re falling. Go scouting for acorns and find your new hot spot.