13 days until the season opener!

By GrowingDeer,

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There are 13 days until archery season in Missouri opens.  I have some stands and binds already in place, but need to put out more during the next few days.  I select where to hunt based on three criteria.  These include identifying a limited resource that deer require (food, cover, and water), will the wind be favorable during the time I should hunt that location, and can I approach the stand or blind location without spooking the deer I wish to hunt?  The answers to these are all based on M.R.I. (Most Recent Information).

For example, even though it rained 1.5” yesterday at The Proving Grounds, I didn’t notice any more water in the creek, or any of the dry ponds now holding water.  I did notice the amount of water in two of the ponds that have been holding water increased!  Hence, water remains a necessary resource for deer that is available in a limited distribution.  Hunting near water should be productive unless it rains significantly more before the season opens.

I have a stand at one of these locations and will place a ground blind near the other.  I can approach one either during the morning or afternoon as long as the wind is from the south or west.  The other location is on a bottom and I doubt I can approach it during the morning without spooking the bucks that are using that pond based on trail camera images.  However, I believe I can approach it during the afternoon.

Remember, scouting should be more than simply locating a sign around a limited resource.  It is just as, if not more important to also determine how you can approach the area with the limited resource without spooking the deer you wish to hunt and remaining undetected.

Growing Deer together,