How to Protect Trees from Buck Rubs and Possible Girdling

By GrowingDeer,

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It’s that time of year!  Testosterone levels in bucks are increasing and velvet will be coming off soon.

That means bucks will begin rubbing. Bucks tend to rub on aromatic trees (such as fruit trees or cedars) due to the scent that is released.

To protect fruit trees or other aromatic trees from being rubbed and potentially girdled (which can lead to the tree dying) a wire cage can be wrapped around the tree.

wire cange to protect trees from bucks rubbing antlers


The wire cage should not be tight but several inches larger in diameter than the trunk. We do this each year around our fruit trees and leave the cage up until antlers have shed.

If you have planted any tree saplings recently, schedule a visit to these locations soon. Routine maintenance is necessary to ensure protection for these young trees. Any exposed saplings are prime targets for deer to rub. Rubs can severely damage and even kill these young trees.

We secure our trees tubes with zip ties

Ensure your saplings are tightly secured and enclosed, this will provide safety from bucks during this time of year.

When you check your saplings make sure each is staked properly and that each tree tube is securely attached, fully enclosing the sapling. This will deter any bucks using the area from rubbing and damaging your planted saplings, ensuring protection and future enjoyment of your investment for years to come!

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