What forage crops do you use and what percentage of each?

By Grant Woods,

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You mentioned you like to have clover be about 5% of your deer plot food. What would the rest of your breakdown be that you like to see? I have about 15 acres in various tillable land areas.



There are many variables including quality and quantity of natural and cultivated forages available besides food plot crops in the area.

When food plots are the primary forage and there’s enough acres of plots that deer don’t totally consume all forage rapidly I prefer about 10% of the food plot acreage in clover and 90% in forage soybeans.  I overseed the beans about 45-60 days before the average first frost date with Broadside (a mix of radishes, a forage wheat, and brassicas).  This plan works very well to provide quality forage, attract deer, and improve the soil.


October 28, 2015