How do I get rid of raccoons?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr Grant,

I’m hunting in Northeastern Oklahoma and put out my first bag of corn one week ago last Saturday. I went to check my camera this past Saturday and almost all my corn was gone and I had 521 pictures. The bad news is I have 500 pictures of raccoons.

What can I do to keep the raccoons away so I can get more deer into the corn?

Thank you for you time.



I have read studies on supplemental feeding based out of Texas. In the studies they examined the percentage of feed actually consumed by deer. The results showed that only 30% of feed was consumed by deer. All the other corn was consumed by raccoons and other non-target species.

With that being said the best way to rid of the raccoons is to trap aggressively.  We use Duke dogproof traps to successfully remove raccoons each trapping season.  To see effective results, trapping should be done on a yearly basis. This episode will help you get started trapping those critters!

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