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Turkey Hunting Tricks – Episode #336

Watch turkey hunting tricks in GrowingDeer episode #336.

Grant and Adam set out to bag an Ozark ridge runner during opening week. Watch them reach deep into the bag of tricks to pull this one off!

Team Martin doubles again! The Arkansas opener was full of gobbles, fights, and flying lead. Watch the hunt unfold with some twists along the way.

Seed hopper of no-till drillTip of the week: Don't forget to inoculate your soybeans. Add before planting! Better soybeans, more protein – bigger, healthier deer!

This week's blog: Looking for some late season turkey tips? Click here for tips to hunt turkeys in full foliage.






Clips page: Grant shares management tips with a group of Alabama deer hunters in this 6 minute video clip. Watch by clicking here.

Grant standing in a clover food plot

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