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Fried Venison Steaks

Venison Steaks
Seasoning of choice

Caleb Venison (1)


Tenderize meat. (I use an LEM Hand Held Round Tenderizer). Put eggs in bowl/pan and stir with fork. Add milk. Put flour in another bowl/pan and add seasoning of choice. (I use Rotisserie Chicken or Kick’n Chicken seasoning).

Coat meat with egg/milk mixture, then coat with flour/seasoning mixture.

Pour oil into skillet or electric skillet until bottom is covered. Heat to approximately 225 degrees. It must be fried at a low temperature. Cook on one side until you see blood come through, flip it and repeat. Cook until crust is golden brown and meat is cooked completely.

Recipe by GrowingDeer Field Staff member Caleb Bettis, Arkansas. See Caleb cooking this recipe by clicking HERE.

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