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Deer In Beans – Episode #246

Tips for hunting a new property in episode #246

Scouting and patterning deer on a property you haven't hunted before takes time! Watch this episode as Adam shares tips for scouting and hunting a property new to you. Plus, we're doing some pre-season scouting here at The Proving Grounds. The Hot Zone fence has produced huge results so we scouted with our video cameras and wanted to share the incredible show as the deer pour into those food plots!

Once you see scrapes being actively used, you know the pre-rut is rolling.

Tip of the Week:

When you're scouting, pay special attention to the condition of any scrapes you come across. Once you see scrapes being actively used, you know the pre-rut is rolling and bucks will likely be more active during daylight hours unless the daytime temperatures are way above normal. That stage will last about two weeks and then most of the scrapes won’t be visited as much. In fact, you’ll notice leaves covering most of the scrapes. That’s because enough of the does are receptive that bucks leave the scrapes to find those very attractive does.

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