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A Solid Foundation For Food Plots

On the latest episode of (watch GDTV #226 here) we displayed the results from our soil tests. The moment we got those results back to the office we added up how much Antler Dirt we needed and got it ordered. Warmer days are approaching quickly so we are hustling to get our food plots ready to plant.

A spreader truck applying Antler Dirt at The Proving Grounds earlier this week.

A spreader truck applying Antler Dirt at The Proving Grounds earlier this week.

Here in the Missouri Ozarks there isn’t much to work with as far as crop land is concerned. The soil is very shallow and in most cases very poor in nutrients. I touched on the importance of healthy soil in my blog, Quality Soil for Quality Antlers, a few weeks ago. I would like to reiterate how important healthy soil is to a deer management program. Healthy soil grows healthy plants. Plants are the medium that transfers the nutrients from the soil to the deer. Healthy plants not only transfer more nutrients to the deer, but they also taste better. Better tasting plants attract deer!

The Growing Deer Team believes very strongly that healthy soil is the solid foundation for a quality deer management program. We spent a whole day earlier this week getting Antler Dirt on the plots where it was needed. I hope you have a chance to get out this week and enjoy spring by improving your soil. The deer will thank you!

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